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Author Marketing Strategy Session


Do you need a detailed and complete road map telling you exactly what to do to market your  book?If so, then you need to schedule an Author Marketing Strategy Session with Melanie Bonita.

During this intensive private strategy session by phone, Melanie will detail the exact steps needed to help you to achieve YOUR book marketing goals.

By the time the session is over, you’ll have a personally-tailored, fully developed road map for connecting with your target audience and attracting leads and sales.

Prior to your strategy session with Melanie, she will review your business, your website, your social media sites, your industry, and all of your products.  From her research, then she will formulate a marketing checklist specifically for you.

Melanie will even record the call so that every technique, strategy, and/or other recommendation is captured for your future reference.

This Author Marketing Strategy Session — Which includes Melanie’s unique road map for you, her personal advance preparation and recordings is only $247 for one session.  Each session lasts 60 minutes.


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