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Melanie Bonita Gospel Aerobics

Melanie Bonita Gospel Aerobics

Success Coaching For You

~ Success Coaching For You ~ 

Are YOU ready to do something different so that YOU can get something different?
Are YOU ready to achieve YOUR DREAMS?
The Success Coaching Series will help YOU to do things different DAILY
to achieve YOUR DREAMS!!!
It’s TIME for YOU to take part in the
Success Coaching Series!!!
Come take this journey with us!!!

The Success Coaching Series Includes:

Develop Your Dream Success Circle

Design Your Dream Mastermind

Deliver Your Dream Inner Circle

To see if you qualify for these coaching programs, please schedule your free 3o minute consultation at


Ministry Through Dance


Ministering to Your Spirit, Mind & Body…


To encourage, empower, and educate Gods people and their Spirit, Mind and Body to get healthy and fit.


To carry-out the gospel with creativity, clarity, and commitment to all God’s creation across the world through ministry in dance and gospel aerobics.

Psalm 150

Praise him with tambourine and dancing;
Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

Ministry through Dance
for Events Such As:

Worship Services
Prayer Breakfasts
Home Going Services
Special Events
To request ministry through dance, please contact me at (put link to contact me page)

Melanie Bonita
The Determination DIVA (Driven Inspirational Virtuous Anointed)

Have a Determined, Dedicated and Driven Day!